This webinar is about the first step of an enterprise sales rep’s journey – getting buyers curious about your product / service. Traditionally, all of this was done by salespeople over phone calls and later cold emails. In recent times, LinkedIn has emerged as the de-facto medium of conversation between enterprise buyers and sellers. Access is relatively easier on LinkedIn – its just a search away. On LinkedIn, once you’ve visited someone’s profile, they aren’t complete strangers. There’s comfort in knowing the background of who a buyer is speaking to. A large number of senior executives are active on LinkedIn for various purposes – recruiting, marketing and even building personal brands. Its a low friction place to connect, network and pitch to them.

In this webinar, I will share the process of acing B2B Lead Generation over LinkedIn in a sustainable, predictable manner. It will cover topics like making your profile suited for selling, targeting prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, designing compelling messages and how to get prospects to care about the problem you are trying to solve.” Having a LinkedIn account alone is not enough. However, when prospecting at a CXO level, LinkedIn is very handy in attracting the attention of people who are otherwise difficult to reach.

About the Speaker : Saurabh Sengupta is a Sales Designer by profession. He is a salesperson at heart and has spent most of his time selling products / services and managing small and large sales teams in the Engineering, Consulting and E-commerce space. He is the founder of Sales Design Institute, an organization that is on a mission to bring sales education into the mainstream. Sales Design Institute also provides the following services – B2B Lead Generation, Inside Sales Set-up, Sales Diagnostic and Founder’s Workshops for Sales.