“Mera MBA mere liye mazaak nahi tha”

When you take exams like CAT, XAT etc. and decide to join a business school, there is a starry-eyed expectation of what life at a B-school will be like. However, there are a lot of truths about life at a B-school that one realises only after stepping into their campus. Therefore, many prospective MBA students go unprepared for the hyper-competitive environment and academic rigour that is not an exception but rather the norm at a B-school. But not the future B-school students who attended the 3rd Season of the InsideIIM Pre-MBA Social, and heard the very candid Saurabh Sengupta of IIM Indore!

In this video, Saurabh speaks about his life at IIM Indore and the key learnings he took away from those 2-years. He also candidly shares tips drawn from his own experiences, such as identifying and maintaining your distance from what he calls the “faltu janta”, as well as the importance of academics and visiting faculty at a B-school. He also talks about and compares his life at IIT Delhi and IIM Indore, and speaks at length about the ” charitra parivartan” that he observed in people at IIM Indore.

If you want to understand what really happens at a B-school and want an aboveboard account of life at an IIM, this is one video you don’t want to miss!