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When you think of “sales” or “selling”, what’s the first word that comes to mind?

Survey conducted by Dan Pink, Bestselling Author, and Thinker
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The way people and organizations buy has changed in the last 25 years. For example, in 1991, the decision making the process to buy virtually anything, from fruits and vegetables to a car, used to start with a walk to the store. Now it starts with an online search.

However, the way people sell has been slow to catch up. Especially for modern, arguably disruptive, products.
This change has an implication on the way sales is implemented within modern sales organizations. There is a science behind designing sales systems.

Knowing sales design is critical to your success

Sales management is more than just hiring ‘rockstars’

Elements of Sales Design

Are leads qualified, graded, assigned and processed systematically?

How much time is the team spending on non-productive activities?

What is the frequency, content of reviews and metrics tracked?

Do we have compelling conversations for different client segments across stages?

Is our value proposition clearly articulated in a manner that clients understand it?

Do we have answers ready for frequently asked questions(FAQs)?

Is there a communication plan designed for onboard clients throughout their lifecycle?

Are sales reps required to prioritise between too many different tasks?

Are goals, targets & incentives defined correctly and communicated to the sales team?

Is the team structured correctly based on known customer segments?

Do team leader’s have correct spans to manage training & coaching?

What are the topics covered in onboarding and training?

What are the tools used in training and their effectiveness?

Is there a TNA (training needs analysis) in place and training have done accordingly?

Is the effectiveness and impact of training being measured?

What input and output data points does the CRM capture?

What is the current usage and adoption of various sales tools?

Are sales reviews conducted through CRM?

Is hiring done purely on recruiter/hiring managers gut feel?

Are skill sets identified based on customer segment, product complexity & cycle time?

Do your recruiters sell the role to the candidate before they buy?

Are we losing candidates due to suboptimal sourcing, screening and interviews?

For at least a few decades now, formal education around sales as well as sales training in organizations has been too focused on personal effectiveness of salespeople. This is visible in the amount of literature available on effective selling. Of course this is important. However, for successful sales scale-up, more levers need to be pulled.

Once these levers are aligned to the buyer’s journey, a sales system is able to scale harmoniously. This is only possible through the right ‘Sales Design’

Why Design?

Ever wondered why car seats are designed the way they are? The shape, the cushioning, the lumbar support – are all elements of design that provide comfort to the driver and passengers while traveling. If comfort were not important, once can simply weld a chair and the car would still remain a car – only less comfortable. Simply put, the seat has been engineered or designed in a way to produce the desired effect i.e. comfort of passengers.

In a similar way, sales processes, organization, messaging and training have to be designed in a specific way to produce the desired sales outcome i.e. faster customer acquisition, higher deal conversion, higher customer retention, high sales rep motivation, low sales rep attrition and any other outcome one may want. Personal effectiveness of sales reps alone cannot move the needle beyond a certain scale.

While revenue growth is the final outcome, these metrics are the key determinants on whether that revenue will remain stable and grow at the desired pace. The entire sales system has to be engineered in a certain way for it to work in your favor. That’s why design.

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Executives from the C Suite (CEO, CXOs, Founders, etc) abhor and avoid cold e-mails and cold calls. Social networking mediums for professionals like LinkedIn are probably the only mediums where such executives are open to listening. Our method of lead generation builds on this insight to open conversations with key executives at your target organizations.

We generate qualified B2B leads globally exclusively using social selling.

Sales development has evolved from the age of “call centers” doing “lead generation”. Buyers have become smarter at avoiding call center reps by the very tone of their voice in the first few seconds of a call (“Hello, myself Ranbir calling from Sanju Enterprises”). B2C companies can still get away with it mostly because there are at least a million prospects out there. B2B companies face a real challenge bypassing gatekeepers and getting their buyers to listen. After all, who wants to speak to a “talking brochure”? This calls for smarter Sales Development that is scientific. And there’s enough science on the subject out there.

We help you build an inside sales team to better manage your sales funnel and improve field force utilization.

There is a lot more to sales than effectiveness of individual sales reps. Is your sales system setup for success? We check design basics across 5 sales elements to assess how well your system is set up

  • Sales Process Design

  • Sales Content and Messaging Design

  • Sales Organization Design

  • Sales Training Design and Delivery

  • Sales Automation and Enablement

  • Sales Hiring Design

We conduct detailed audits to assess your sales system on these levers and identify gaps and recommendations.

There is a science behind designing sales systems that is industry and product agnostic. These workshops attempt to educate you on that science and design your own sales systems. Through these workshops we

  • Familiarise your team with the elements of sales design.

  • Answer your questions about your company’s sales system design.

  • Conduct sessions to co-create the sales system blueprints using our proprietary templates.

We conduct workshops with your leadership team to solve sales related problems through design.



Saurabh Sengupta


Saurabh was responsible for scaling the sales team at one of the first “unicorns” of India – Zomato – over a period of 6 years. He was the 10th employee in the company and scaled a 30 member sales team to 350+ globally. Sales education in India is messed up and he’s trying to do something about it.

Ninad Tawade


Ninad helped Zomato scale its media and transaction business across India, South East Asia and Australia over a period of 4 years. He believes buyers today are much more aware & smarter than they were before. Sales organizations need to adapt to this reality soon.

Ashwin Thilakan


Engineer and Hospitality-grad turned sales enthusiast. Ashwin has been working with sales teams for the last 6 years and enjoys the challenge of selling new products to new and different stakeholders across various sectors.

Pravir Kalra


Pravir has set up multiple sales teams and launched various products in India and Australia. He believes sales is a delicate balance of art and science and wants to remove the stereotypes associated with sales.

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