Account Manager

(B2B Lead Generation)

Several companies have burnt their fingers with B2B Lead Generation agencies. Why? Primarily because these agencies use cold call and cold emails to start conversations with key executives. The unfortunate reality is that such executives from the C Suite (CEO, CXOs, Founders, etc) abhor and avoid cold e-mails and cold calls.

Social networking mediums for professionals like LinkedIn are probably the only mediums where such executives are open to listening. Our method of lead generation builds on this insight to open conversations with key executives at our client’s target organizations.

Our B2B Lead Generation vertical is in its early stages. We are growing this vertical because the demand is very high. A lot of believers in LinkedIn are approaching us to outsource this activity to us. We need your help and contribution to scale up this vertical.

In this role, you will be trained to become an expert at prospecting on LinkedIn. You will then work on behalf of our clients to open conversations with their target customers over LinkedIn. You will also speak to them and educate them about our client’s product / service and its use cases. If the prospect is still interested, you will pass on the conversation to a subject matter expert from the client’s side.

The objective of this role is to generate maximum leads for our clients within a given time period. This requires a combination of observation power, listening skills, creativity and speed.

If you feel you are up for this role, please feel free to apply.

Year of experience range: 2-3 years overall

Location: Gurgaon/Pune

We know you will have more questions about the role. Please feel free to mail with your queries.

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