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Meetings Set

Some of the organizations we have connected our partners with

We have activated senior stakeholders at these organizations for our partners’ sales teams

C-suite buyers are increasingly getting weary of traditional approaches to prospecting.

  • Executives from the C Suite (CEO, CXOs, Founders, etc) abhor and avoid cold e-mails and cold calls.

  • Social networking mediums for professionals like LinkedIn are probably the only mediums where such executives are open to listening.

  • Our method of Linkedin B2B lead generation builds on this insight to open conversations with key executives at your target organizations.

We generate qualified B2B leads globally exclusively using social selling

How We Do It

There’s more to Linkedin than posting from your account and running ads.

  • LinkedIn isn’t Facebook or Twitter. Unlike B2C businesses, B2B businesses cannot rely on traditional avenues of lead generation like online advertisements. We’ve written more about that here.
  • Linkedin for B2B sales is one of the most powerful tools for lead generation. However it is also the most underrated and misunderstood among B2B marketers.
  • Most linkedin lead generation companies treat it as any other social media platform (Facebook, Google, Instagram) and focus on maintaining an account, posting regularly and running ads.
  • While such an approach might get you ‘views’, ‘clicks’ & ‘likes’ and ‘engagement’ it’s unlikely to be a reliable source of leads for B2B lead generation companies.

Setup a razor sharp, well targeted B2B Linkedin lead generation engine to churn out high quality leads consistently and maintain a healthy sales funnel.

  • At Sales Design, we focus solely on one objective: to generate quality leads consistently for your business.
  • We leverage a multitude of tools available on Linkedin to ensure that key decision makers from your target industries and companies hear and respond to you.
  • Our linkedin lead generation service draws on our experience of over 200 campaigns across industries to design a suitable approach for outreach leveraging the best available tools.
  • We build your sales funnel using Linkedin so that your team always has enough prospects to talk to.
  • Spend your time talking to prospects, not searching for them.



This is the foundational stage of the project. Our team will spend time understanding your product, your target segments, buyer personas and co-create appropriate messaging for Linkedin B2B lead generation. Your assistance will be needed in conducting product training and providing sales collateral.


Sales Design will reach out to prospective customer personas using online mediums. For B2B businesses targeting mid to large enterprises, LinkedIn B2B Lead generation using Sales Navigator is the most popular and effective medium of outreach.


Sales Design’s inside sales rep will nurture the lead and continue the conversation online with respondents of the LinkedIn B2B lead generation outreach campaign.We will educate the client about your offerings as well as answer the qualification questions asked by the prospect. The rep will also ask questions to the prospect to gauge a use-case for your product/service.


If the prospect connected through LinkedIn B2B lead generation campaign is curious or interested to know more about your products, the conversation shall be passed on to a subject matter expert from your organization. This will normally be done by setting up a meeting or a call.

Solution Areas

Drawing on our experience in enterprise sales, we focus on B2B lead generation for modern products in mid to large enterprises. We help you reach out to key people from the industry to showcase your products.

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Product Focus

Software Products & Services

We cater to software products & services built for specific use cases for businesses. If you have built enterprise products catering to specific departments like Sales, HR, Marketing, Admin, Finance/Accounting, etc., we help you reach out to key decision-makers within these departments to help showcase your products.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

If you are an organization providing Software as a Service(SAAS), we specialize in getting you a foot in the door of mid to large enterprises. Increase conversations for your inside and field sales teams by reaching out to key decision-makers in your target industries.

Geography Focus

We specialize in lead generation across the following geographies.

Industry Focus

We help you reach out to key decision-makers in organizations across the following industries

Domain Focus

We specialize in setting up conversations with these relevant functions within the industry

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