Traditional B2B lead generation methods are no longer effective

We propose our services to a lot of prospects everyday. Naturally, quite a few of them share their reluctance at trying us out because they’ve “burnt their fingers” with B2B Lead Generation agencies in the past. This response became so frequent that we decided to reach out to them again and see if there’s a pattern. Sharing some of those patterns here in no particular order.

“Unresponsive” Mailing Lists
When we reach out to prospects, we get this question by default — “Do you have your own e-mailing list?”. Its almost like an equation in their mind that LEAD GENERATION = E-MAILING TO A DATABASE. We don’t blame them. That’s what the world’s been doing for so long.

When we dug deeper, we found out that e-mailer campaigns to procured databases haven’t got them a satisfactory response rate, let alone building up a sales funnel and eventually closing few deals. They were surprised. We were not.

We know that buyers are slowly developing a resistance to cold e-mailing. And this resistance is only getting stronger as the digital economy strengthens. More products, more products to market, more cold e-mails.

So, it doesn’t not matter whether a company has a “strong database” of “top decision makers” and they follow the best in class cold e-mailing templates. What matters is whether someone has a database of “responsive” decision makers. Responsiveness is not something one can find out looking at a database. It is an innate human quality. And the modern day buyer is discerning. A quick survey — How many cold e-mails do you get in a week? How many of them do you open? How many of those do you read completely?

E-mailing to a database is proving to be unreliable with each passing day. Putting all eggs in that basket is certainly not recommended.

The hatred for Cold Calling.
Cold calling comes a close second when it comes to buyers developing resistance. While one can delete or archive an e-mail, cold calling can generate a host of unpleasant responses — from a blunt slam of the phone to irate prospects who won’t hesitate to curse the caller. Not just that, a high level of skill is required for cold calling or even calling semi-warm senior prospects. Most prospects are unresponsive to a standard cold call blueprint.

Talking purely numbers, the response rates in general are abysmally low irrespective of following best in class cold calling templates. It barely helps form a decent top of funnel. A quick survey — how many cold calls do you get in a week? How many of them do you pick up? With how many of them do have a conversation for over 30 seconds?

Retainership Model of Lead Generation agencies
Lead generation agencies in general tend to charge a retainer fee in addition to a “fee per lead”. This fee is usually paid reluctantly by buyers. And if the campaign doesn’t work out, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the buyer.

Our Approach.
We’d heard about these phenomena before we started off our B2B Sales Lead Generation service. But now, we’re convinced that they exist based on speaking to 100s of prospects ever since we started.

That is why we have consciously stayed away from e-mailing lists, cold calling and the retainership model. We exclusively focus on using LinkedIn to reachout to prospects on behalf of our clients. And we do this on a pay per lead model.

We don’t spend on LinkedIn Ads. We build your connections list organically by inviting prospects into your 1st degree network on LinkedIn and then talking to them about business. Apart from prospects who want to engage immediately, this approach also enables our clients to build their LinkedIn network which they can “farm” later.

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