Neel Ghose is more popular as the Founder of Robin Hood Army ( But what gets overshadowed usually is the fact that he is a seasoned sales leader. Neel has set up many international sales teams for Zomato in the past. In this webinar, we asked him about sharing his learning and wisdom on setting up sales teams overseas.

In a freewheeling chat, Saurabh speaks to Neel about the challenges of setting up a new sales team, specifically in international markets. Neel shares his learnings and insights around hiring the right people in a new market, training teams in a foregin language, motivating them in an alien culture. He also dwells upon the challenges of onboarding the first few clients in a virgin market to kickstart sales with some interesting anecdotes.

This webinar will be useful for sales leaders who are trying to set up their first sales teams, either domestic or global.