“Mujhsey client key saamney jaakey jee huzoori nahi ho patee hai.” – Saurabh Sengupta, IIM Indore & IIT Delhi Alumnus, Ex-VP-Sales #Zomato

Quite often, it may happen that a person may make a wrong career decision and end up in a job or a role that they don’t belong in, and it may be difficult to reverse this decision once it is taken. Even IIM students – the creme de la creme of India’s talent pool – are susceptible to such follies. One such student was Saurabh Sengupta, who made a wrong turn in his career and took up the job that he later realised he was not cut out for. As an individual with a “sale-u” personality, Saurabh knew that he could not let his creativity and instinct be hampered by a role in which he didn’t belong and within a few months, he quit his job, and by sheer serendipity, met with the founder of Zomato (then Foodie Bay) who ended up offering him a job after a very unusual interview over breakfast.

In this video, Saurabh shares his journey from taking up the wrong job as an HR Consultant to joining Zomato, and also talks about the reality of placements at Indian B-schools, and the myth of “dream jobs”. Saurabh also forewarns the attendees of the InsideIIM Pre-MBA Social – Season 3 of the trap of adjusting to jobs and losing one’s individuality in the process, and shares some excellent tips for identifying who you really are, what career you are cut-out for, and how you can switch to a job where you belong.

After Saurabh ripped the bandaid off in Part 1 of his talk at the Pre-MBA Social, in Part 2, he brings more of his candid personality and delineates what careers after an MBA look like. Watch this video for some excellent insights!